Top 10 Best Cornhole Boards 2020

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Whether you play casually or professionally, you can surely hike up your cornhole skills by bringing home a cornhole board. But now that more and more manufacturers are joining the queue, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take your pick amongst the best available option. Today we are going to take you through ten of the best options available for making the selection process easier for you. But before proceeding with this, you need to develop a clear understanding of a cornhole board buying guide and that is exactly what we are going to talk about now.

Things To Consider While Buying A Cornhole Board

Experience Level

This serves as the primary area of consideration while buying a cornhole board. Beginners should ideally opt for a budget model whereas professional players can take their pick amongst the expensive ones. Beginners also don’t need to invest on a regulation board. They can easily bring home plastic platforms having a cheaper price tag. Intermediate players need to continue with their practice on a regulation size board. However, they should also consider the quality of board they are using for properly honing their skills. Last but not the least comes professional players who might take part in various tournaments and thus visit different places. They need to select the best available products. For starters, they should opt for cornhole boards having premium wood quality.

Board Surface

If you are a serious player, then you need to ensure that your cornhole board has the right texture. For this reason, you need to bank on boards having anti-skid surfaces. They prevent skidding of tossed bags onto the surfaces and in turn offers a professional gameplay experience.

Construction Materials

Both beginner and professional players need to consider the construction materials of their selected board. Plastic is the best bet for beginners. However, they need to consider the best quality plastic boards. Beginners as well as intermediate players can also opt for the boards constructed with aluminium. Wood however stands out as the best construction material when it comes to choosing cornhole boards. It is ideal for professional players to bring home boards which are compliant with ACA regulations.

Board Sides

Cornhole boards having side barriers can prevent the tossed bags from sliding down the board sides. It cannot be termed as an absolute necessity especially for beginner and intermediate players. But the professional ones can surely benefit out of this added functionality. The small side barriers can ensure a fair game by keeping the bags on the board surfaces.

Board Size

The cornhole bags can be of two different sizes. The regulation size is 4ft x 2 ft while the tailgate size is 3ft x 2ft. The latter is well suited for campsites, tailgates and holiday weekends. But if you wish to practice professionally, then you need to bring home the former.

Surface Painting

You can enhance the visual attractiveness of your cornhole board by using your imagination and painting it with colors and tapes. Alternatively, you can opt for the latex-based color coated models which come in diverse choice options ranging from country flags to aesthetic stripes.

1. CAN’T STOP PARTY SUPPLIES Cornhole Board Game Set

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It now becomes possible to entertain your house guests and that too without blowing a hole in your wallet with the Can’t Stop Party SuppliesCornhole Board Game Set.Your party will continue at full swing whether it is a house event, tailgate party or anniversary celebration.


Heavy-duty construction keeps the board looking as good as new even on being subjected to rough use.

Bean Bag

Nothing can ruin the spirit of a cornhole game like that of a torn bag. But you can be completely buffered from all such possibilities with the Can’t Stop Party SuppliesCornhole Board Game Set which features premium quality cornhole bags. They are filled using plastic pellets which doesn’t rot even on getting wet. High quality stitching also brings down all possibilities of the bags falling apart.


Four locks help in securing together both the boards with its carrying handle. You can thus carry it around easily without facing any difficulty.


  • Sturdy construction can guarantee you hours of gameplay.
  • Both the boards can be secured together using the four locks.
  • Moving the boards from one place to another becomes super easy coupled with its carrying handles.
  • Durable carrying case helps a lot with storage and transportation.
  • Has easy maintenance which can save a lot of your time and effort.
  • In case of defects, users can easily seek out help of its 90-day money back guarantee.

  • Vibrantly coloured bags which doesn’t fade off even after being used for long.

  • Bags are made using highly durable material which is properly stitched to minimise wear and tear.

  • Extremely easy to maintain as a simple wipe can remove all dust depositions.

  • Perfect for barbeque, tailgate party, birthday celebration, house party, Friday night rave etc.

  • Comes backed with a 90-day money back guarantee to keep you protected against all system defects.

  • Carrying handle further helps with its portability.

  • It is not resistant to rain and humid weather.

2. GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set

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Whether you wish to hone your skills or just engage in some casual fun, the GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set can serve as your perfect ally. The patriotic design of this cornhole set is perfect for people who are on the lookout for a heavy-duty option without going overboard with the budget.


Dual combination of aluminium frame and MDF board makes it durable, sturdy and lightweight at the same time. The eight-all-weather bags have a balanced weight and feel very plush against the skin.


Its foldable legs feature locks which helps with its transportation and storage when not in use. They can be folded flat and carried in the accompanying case.


Bright and patriotic design is ideal for Labor Day soirées, Fourth of July bashes and Memorial Day parties.


  • Comes backed with a complete warranty offered by manufacturers against quality issues.
  • Accompanied with a carrying case with further helps with its portability and storage.
  • Aluminium Frame Boards are manufactured using superior grade materials which can keep the fun times rolling for hours.
  • Foldable legs help with easy breakdown and setup.
  • Premium MDF surface keeps the board resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • High strength aluminium keeps the boards light enough for travel.

  • Foldable and lightweight build adds up to its portability.

  • Sturdy build helps it in withstanding heavy-duty usage without showing any signs of weakness.

  • Presence of LED lights make the cornhole board look pretty appealing.

  • The 3’ x 2’ boards can cater to players of all age groups and abilities.

  • Aluminium frame construction comes off as sturdier than its foam board peers.

  • The 8 All-Weather Duck Cloth Bags also stand out with its stellar durability and can withstand rough use.

  • Has to be placed on a level surface.

3. Driveway Games All Weather Cornhole Set

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In a market filled with wooden cornhole boards, the Driveway Games All Weather Cornhole Set stands out as the pioneer of the plastic fraternity. It does bring along its own set of advantages especially in the department of weather-proof durability.


The board has been built in such a way that you can keep it stored as long as you want without noticing any deterioration in quality. It is made of dense and hefty plastic which doesn’t warp in rainy or humid weather. You can leave it outside easily next to the poolside on a damp afternoon or sunny morning.

Bean Bags

The bean bags are made using thick all-weather canvas. They are filled using moisture-proof plastic pellets which doesn’t rot when the weather becomes humid. Double stitching further hikes up the durability quotient of these bags.


Usually wooden boards weigh between 20-30 pounds. This is where this plastic model can come to your rescue with a body weight of 18 pounds. You can thus easily carry it along whether to the park, beach or backyard picnics.


  • Comprises of 8 all-weather regulation bean bags, 2 weatherproof regulation-size cornhole boards and game rules.
  • Can be used on any surface and even in the damp weather without having to worry about rain showers.
  • Heavy all-weather canvas is used in the construction of bean bags which are double stitched for greater durability.
  • Pest and moisture proof pellets used in the bean bags further add up to its longevity.
  • In spite of being a heavy-duty board, you can carry it around easily to parties and picnics.
  • Built-in bean bag storage prevents chances of lost or missing bean bags.

  • Premium build and material adds up to the weather-proof nature of the cornhole board and accompanying bags.

  • Compact shape helps with its easy storage when not in use.

  • Regulation size board is ideal for budding players who wish to practice for the tournament.

  • Perfect outdoor game for your lawn, patio and backyard.

  • Boards do not wrap in rain or humidity like its peers coupled with its waterproof construction.

  • Weighs just 18 pounds which makes it an extremely portable option.

  • Legs might seem too small.

4. GoSports Cornhole PRO Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set

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A unique thing about the GoSports Cornhole PRO Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set is its embedded LED lights which can help you play both during day and night. The tournament sized board is accompanied with eight all-weather bean bags.


The dual combination of aluminium frame and MDF board adds robustness to its construction while keeping the board lightweight. MDF surface prevents both sliding and bouncing of tossed bags. But if you feel that the board is too light for sustaining the weight of the bags, then you can easily attach something underneath for enhancing its weight count.


Movability of the board gets enhanced by its foldable legs which diminishes its footprint and makes it possible to carry it along even in your car.

LED Lights

Built-in lights can jazz up the whole ambience with a single flip of switch. Every single ring features 38 LEDs which are powered by 3 AA batteries which have a running time of 24+ hours. You can thus carry on with the game even in extreme dark setups.


  • Built-in LED rings can help you make the most out of this game during both day and night.
  • Comprises of two regulation sized cornhole boards which can guarantee authentic gameplay.
  • All-weather bean bags rank high in terms of durability and keep looking like new even after being used for long.
  • Ideal for tailgates, tournaments, cookouts, campsites and holiday weekends.
  • MDF surface and aluminium frame makes the board sturdy yet lightweight.
  • Can be folded up for storage which makes it possible for a single person to carry it around.

  • Lightweight cornhole board which features a built-in handle for easy portability.

  • Accompanied by all-weather bean bags which can have the fun times rolling even when it rains outside.

  • MDF surface inhibits bounce back and makes it possible to throw the bags with confidence.

  • The cornhole board’s aluminium frame enhances its overall durability meter.

  • Its seam doesn’t disrupt your bean bag’s sliding.

  • Can be setup easily so that you can get on with the gameplay.

  • Thinness of MDF causes the board to emit a loud noise during landing of bean bags.

5. Backyard Champs Standard Wood Cornhole & Bean Bag Set

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You can now enjoy the ultimate tailgating experience with the Backyard Champs 2′ x 4′ wood cornhole set. Plain surface of the boards offer ample customization possibilities using wood paint.


The 2′ x 4′ x 4-inch target boards are crafted using furniture quality wood and hardware which can keep you buffered from all quality concerns in days to come. Its frame is hand-crafted using New Zealand Pine which can guarantee you years of smooth play. Corners of the cornhole set is reinforced with industrial adhesive, wooden dowel fasteners and solid wood braces. Its multi-layered plywood playing surface is properly sanded so that users don’t have to make any compromise pertaining to how the bean bags slide while landing on the board.

Bean Bags

Durable duck cloth layering of the 8-regulation bean bags further add up to its robustness. Each of the bags weigh around 16 ounces and has an all-weather plastic filling. The bags measure 6 x 6” inches which feel ergonomic to handle.


Maximum stability is offered by its legs which can even be folded easily for being transported and stored when not in use.


  • Perfect game for keeping your family entertained at the backyard, tailgate etc.
  • Weather resistant filler goes into the bags and keep them looking like new even after being used for long.
  • Tournament approved cornhole boards are manufactured using furniture grade solid wood.
  • Finely sanded and smooth playing surface diminishes bounces and keep the board stable throughout the game.
  • Professional grade fasteners present at the legs of the cornhole sets can be hidden away easily inside the frame during storage.
  • All the corners of the BYC Cornhole Set are reinforced using wooden dowel fasteners, solid wood braces and industrial grade adhesive.

  • High-quality and durable materials go into the construction of this cornhole board which enhances its longevity.

  • Offers players with the flexibility of adding their preferred design to the board.

  • Weather resistant bean bags do not rot even on getting drenched.

  • Double stitching of the bean bags further adds up to its durability.

  • Foldable legs help with easy storage and transportation.

  • Accompanying instruction manual can clear all your doubts about the game.

  • Does not have any other color option.

6. American Cornhole Association Official Cornhole Boards & Bags Set American Flag Design

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The American Cornhole Association Official Cornhole Boards & Bags Set can be thought of as the Rolls Royce of Cornhole boards. If you have a penchant for showing off, then these boards can surely serve as your perfect choice. It is the only cornhole set which is manufactured by ACA by adhering to stringent quality guidelines in USA. You can thus expect nothing but the absolute best out of this board set.


Its ½” thick face is manufactured using Baltic Birch Plywood which is overload with a rustic American flag design. Three protective coatings on the cornhole board makes it resistant to environmental damages. Authentic corn filling of the bags helps them stand up to heavy-duty usage without getting lacklustre over time. The bags are double stitched for greater durability.


The board has a regulation size of 24” x 48” which ensures a well-balanced stick/side ratio.


Grips on the board frame makes it easy to move the board around. You can fit in the four blue and four red bags inside their own drawstring carrying bag for greater convenience.


  • Vinyl coated cornhole boards can be used even when it is raining outside.
  • Sturdy construction which keeps the boards in place and doesn’t bounce when bags are thrown at it.
  • High quality craftsmanship adds up to its overall look and feel.
  • Bean bags are filled with corn which doesn’t rot like its plastic peers.
  • Carrying handles helps in its transportation.
  • All American design is bound to delight patriotic cornhole players.

  • Heavy duty wood goes into its construction which can keep you warranted about its durability.

  • American flag design can surely cater to your patriotic spirit.

  • Players who do not feel satisfied with the product can get a full refund from the manufacturers.

  • Side handles help with its easy portability around your backyard.

  • Zero plastic usage prevents bending and breakage.

  • Official regulation size makes it ideal for players who wish to practice for tournaments.

  • Has improper sanding.

7. GoSports 4’x2′ Regulation Size Wooden Cornhole Boards Set

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Are on the one lookout for the perfect addition to your lawn game collection? If you have an affirmative answer, then theGoSports 4’x2′ Regulation Size Wooden Cornhole Boards Set can serve you exceptionally well. In stark contrast to its peer models, this actually comes off as a real deal for everyone who wishes to enjoy the game of cornhole.


100% Wooden construction of this cornhole board can vouch for its durability. No plastic or other composite materials go into its manufacturing and can thus keep you guaranteed about its stellar quality. ½” varnished cabinet-grade plywood at the top surface of the board ensures optimum amount of slide. Handcrafted pine wood frames having mitered corner joints are used for constructing this cornhole board.


Retractable wooden legs help with its transportation. These legs are held in place by robust 3/8″ galvanized steel bolts having wing nuts.

Bean Bags

The cornhole set is accompanied with 8 regulation size all-weather CornHole Bags. They weigh one pound each and measure 6″ x 6″. Recycled plastic pellet filling of these bags add up to its durability and prevent it from rotting in stark contrast to corn pellets.


  • Premium wooden build and mitered corner joints can easily add up to its overall longevity.
  • Ideal for being tagged along to barbeques, picnics and other fun-filled weekend plans.
  • American Cornhole Association regulation size of 4 feet x 2 feet guarantees authentic gameplay.
  • All-weather regulation bean bags can help you keep up with the game even in adverse climates.
  • The board can be customized using your preferred designs and decals.
  • Accompanied with a heavy-duty tote bag which aids in its portability and storage.

  • Foldable legs help with easy transportation and storage.

  • Boards are ideal for adding a decal and exercising complete customization.

  • Carrying case helps in packing everything up and moving around neatly.

  • Comes fully assembled so that you can get on with your game.

  • Board stays in place and doesn’t bounce around when the bags are thrown at it.

  • Can keep you entertained for hours at camping and picnic sites.

  • At 35 pounds, the cornhole set seems pretty bulky.

8. GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Sets

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Your search for a product revealing your patriotic traits end with the GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Sets which provides numerous paint options depicting flags. Its vintage oak design can easily impress all your house guests as they engage in hours of fun and frolic.


Manufactured using a solid wooden material which decreases bounce on your tosses. Its surface varnish is resistant to slippage and ensures that your tossed bags land properly and stay put. All weather design of the bags comprises of plastic pellets which simulate corn. You can thus be completely guaranteed that these pellets shall not rot in moisture like its standard peers.


Its sizing is in sync with the regulations of ACA. Its length is four feet and width is two feet. This makes it easy for backyard players to get the real flavor of league conditions and prepare for tournament play.


Perfectly functional cornhole board doesn’t cause extra sliding. Your underhand tosses are bound to feel accurate time and again. American flag with stars and stripes design can even be put up for display during holiday season if not being used. You are bound to feel spoilt for choice while taking your pick amongst California and Texas flag designs.


  • Comes in a pretty neat packaging where the corners are embedded in foam to prevent transit damage.
  • Double stitched bags make it easy to last the test of time in spite of heavy-duty usage.
  • Can be used without the requirement of any assembly.
  • Foldable legs help with its portability and storage.
  • Vintage design is bound to serve as a pretty addition to your gaming closet.
  • Can guarantee you hours of fun whether at picnics, BBQ lunches or a simple get together.

  • Accompanied with a durable carrying case featuring a shoulder strap for added convenience.

  • Patriotic theme of the cornhole board makes it easy to reveal your love for the country.

  • The board and bean bags have been designed for maintaining its efficacy irrespective of the weather condition.

  • Vintage oak design of the board ensures an aesthetic appeal while adding to its texture.

  • Strong wood construction makes it redundant to invest in a laminated top.

  • Straight and clean edges add up to its overall appeal.

  • At 42 pounds, the GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Sets come off as a pretty heavy board.

9. GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set

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If you are on the lookout for cornhole boards which can get the fun times rolling without the requirement of any additional setup, then the GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set can surely serve you well. Be it backyard or tournament-style play, this board can cater to your diverse set of requirements seamlessly.


Pine material is used in its joints which enhances the overall durability of the cornhole board. Its varnished surface makes it possible for users to paint their preferred logos on the surface and exercise complete customization. The product weighs just 38 pounds which help in its portability coupled with the retractable legs.


The boards measure four feet from front-to-back and two feet from the side-to-side. The dimensions of the board have been set in such a manner that it is in sync with the ones used by ACA during tournament games.

Bean Bags

All weather bean bags of the GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set help in continuing with the game even when it rains lightly outside. A total of eight bean bags accompany the cornhole boards out of which four are blue in color while four are red. Users can thus easily keep track of their score.


  • Varnished wood surface of the product makes it easy to add and paint decals.
  • Its unique design prevents balls from sliding and bouncing off.
  • 8 bean bags can be stored easily in the accompanying heavy duty tote bag.
  • Users can easily customize the cornhole set with their preferred designs and decals.
  • Can guarantee hours of fun at campsites, cookouts, tailgates, tournaments and similar events.
  • Mitered joints and pine wood frames makes the cornhole boards look premium while also enhancing its durability meter.

  • Cornhole board has been designed by adhering to regulation sizing which makes it easy to practice under the ACA requirements.

  • The bags weigh a pound each which guarantee better control during throws.

  • At just 33 pounds, this product is pretty lightweight and can thus be moved around easily.

  • Weather proof nature of the bags makes it possible to use them even in the scenario of light rain.

  • Plastic filling of the bag enhances its durability and prevents all chances of rotting.

  • Color coded bags makes it easy for players to keep a track of the score.

  • Accompanying bean bag doesn’t rank high in terms of durability.

10. Tailgating Pros Cornhole Boards

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If you are on the lookout for an ACA regulation board, then you are bound to feel delighted with the Tailgating Pros Cornhole Boards. This standard-looking board features a simple construction which can be easily mastered even by amateurs.


The board is manufactured using high quality wood which enhances its longevity. Similar guarantee is also provided by its actual whole kernel corn filling which helps it undertake heavy duty usage without showing any signs of weakness. The double-stitched bags can easily have your back over countless games. The bags weigh 16 ounces each making them easy to toss around. Its cotton duck canvas exterior comes off as pretty tough and resilient.


The Tailgating Pros Cornhole Boards feature folding legs secured using galvanized bolts. This helps a lot with its transportation and storage. The set also comes with a carrying bag which helps in packing everything up neatly and being taken along to all your outdoor escapades. The board weighs just 15 pounds which does not inflict much strain on your shoulders while carrying it around. Presence of a carrying strap helps in carrying the bag to and fro on your shoulder.

Board Surface

The Tailgating Pros Cornhole Boards has an anti-slipper surface and thus prevents both bouncing and skidding. This in turn helps in tossing around the bags without facing any problem.


  • Perfect for barbeques, tailgates, weddings, parties and even backyard fun.
  • Users can easily customize the board’s varnished surface with vinyl decals and wraps.
  • Accompanied with a carrying tote and 8 bean bags which are double stitched for extra durability.
  • Built-in LED lights allow users in taking their pick amongst constant solid shades and ample flashing settings.
  • Comes packed with two waterproof battery packs having 3 AA batteries.
  • Heavy-duty hardware and mitered joints hold together its ½” top board and 4’x2’ solid wood frame.

  • Premium construction of the board adds up to its longevity for years to come.

  • Accompanying bag can be quickly packed up.

  • Bag bounce gets diminished due to the board’s sanded finish. This also guarantees a slide-free surface for the board.

  • Comes with a plethora of colors so that you can easily take your pick amongst the same.

  • Storage bag is constructed using very thin nylon which might not stand the test of time.

Final Words

It is extremely crucial to conduct research on a product prior to purchasing the same. Having proper knowledge about the product can help you take the best decision and make the most out of its functionality. We hope all your doubts about cornhole board buying guide and the ten best options available was solved adequately by our todays discussion. But if you still have some doubts left, then don’t hesitate to write to us and we shall be glad to solve all your queries.